Why is self-care important?

Why is self-care important for your well-being?

When people fail to look out for their own health, their needs will often not be fully met. This can result in a decline in physical and/or mental health, explains Dr. Palmer. “People can begin to develop health conditions, such as excess weight, insulin resistance, burnout, or depression…People need to be proactive in obtaining what they need for self-care and letting others know what they need from them when appropriate.”

Self-care encourages you to focus on your physical and mental health needs, says Caroline Fenkel, D.S.W., L.C.S.W., chief clinical officer of Charlie Health. “Self-care is about being present with yourself, which can help prevent burnout, maintain balance, and keep you in tune with your needs.” She further explains that regularly engaging in self-care can ultimately help process stress and encourage routine, consistency, and healthy ways of coping with your emotions.

Practicing a self-care routine has been proven to help eliminate anxiety, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration, increase happiness, and improve energy, says Perlus. “All of these things help enhance your overall quality of life.”


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